Route cycled

Route cycled, from Zürich to Cape Town

I eventually cycled 26’600 KM in 24 countries, a little bit more than the 15’000 KM planned …

I didn’t know how I would make it to South Africa until I arrived in Congo, and getting a visa for Angola opened the rest of the Atlantic coast.

I have ridden 34% of Africa away from the tar (7809 km), and some roads have been a real challenge. Luckily, the little hope I had that they were indeed going somewhere always came true.

To find stories per location, check the Journal, which displays all the posts placed on a map.
Stats-geek cyclists can find a detailed record of each leg on the Log tab of the Stats page.

I am making available for download a reduced version of the GPS trace of my entire route (fidelity: within 50 meters of original trace) : GPX file (4.2 MB) and KMZ file (592 KB).

For a more detailed map and original GPS traces, all the single segments of the Journal are assembled together on Bikemap. Zoom in that map to unbundle the track segments.