Previous trips

The mamachari is a single-speed groceries shopping bicycle that costs less than $100 in second hand bike stores, and even some new models. They are carrying people in all the Japanese cities, to the university, to the supermarket, to the izakaya (and sometimes back home too), they get lost, stolen, taken by the police if parked in the wrong place at the wrong time … but they can also do much more, like 200 km in a day.

I had several bikes and did the following trips:

Mamachari I : "The Wise"
Mamachari I : “The Wise”

Kansai 270 km

Shikoku 1300 km
(88 Temple Pilgrimage)

Wakayama 300 km

Mamachari II : “The Spirited”

Hokkaido 2500 km

Mamachari III : "The Adventurer"
Mamachari III : “The Adventurer”

Thailand 2600 km

Mamachari IV : "The Resurrection"
Mamachari IV : “The Resurrection”

Gifu 200ish km


And some Swiss passes (250 km) and Iceland (2000 km) as a preparation and test of my new bike.