Camerun ciclismo, video

When I struggle on the road, I rarely think “oh, let me shoot a video of that”. It’s the reverse effect of seeing a breathtaking landscape and taking dozens of pictures. As a result, I have little video-proofs that I pushed my bicycle uphill for hours and hours in a row, that I sometimes ran out of food/water in the wrong place, that I wondered why I am cycling at 8 km/h against the wind, that I cycled during beautiful sunsets without knowing yet where to sleep, … If the good times of my journey are captured with my camera, the hard times are essentially only in my mind.

The roads of Camerun were very bad, and maybe that explains why I have more video sequences of landscapes rather than actual cycling. The country is very beautiful, and deserves the “Africa in miniature” tourism branding. I didn’t visit the beaches as I don’t like much cycling the coastline, so this 1635 KM long video features Mount Cameroon (highest summit of West Africa at 4045 m high), the Ekom-Nkam waterfall, the ring road with its tea plantations and the deadly lake Nyos, the Bamoun country, the cocoa plantations just north of Yaoundé, and the road to Ebolowa.

The Chinese are working a lot on the infrastructure and I wouldn’t be surprised if I visit the country again and have a slightly more comfortable time wandering around.

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