C ' est parti!

Today was my first day on the road. It was good to finally leave after spending the last days worrying about what is not yet happening. The self-confidence came back while cycling. And especially when taking a turn and noticing the snowy peaks in the background.


I left Adam in Altstetten and followed the Road 84 of SchweizMobil that took me out of Zürich easily and without cars. It’s a luxury to have a path across the cantons, paved almost all the way, just for bikes and pedestrians.


Mi visión, que recientemente había disminuido a -0.75 por ojo, todavía no es suficiente leer señales desde lejos. Espero que estar lejos de equipos del día ayudará a recuperar algunos visión durante el viaje.

Hawker Hunter Mk.58
Mi moto racing un Hawker Hunter Mk.58

The weather was better than the forecast, I even had blue sky in the beginning. It ended with a light rain and the night coming before 17:00. With such an early sunset, it won’t leave me much time to cycle …

Ingresé a みとり en Lucerna para la cena y ella preparada omamoris para mi bici. Ahora está protegida contra los peligros de la carretera!