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On the road
On the road


I’m Jean-Baptiste, 36 in 2021 (27 at the time of departure to Africa), I like travelling, cycling and challenges. That explains a bit why I plan to get to South Africa, but not too fast.

I started travelling with a bike as a student in Kyoto, as it was the most economic and efficient way to discover the whole country of Japan. And I finally came to think it is the best way to travel: direct contact with the landscape, true knowledge of how big, warm or tough things are, possibility to sleep almost anywhere and anytime, ease of random encounters, ease of changing the plans … And cycling empties the stomach very fast, which means eating a lot more local food. Of course, it has a price, the highest: time and availability.

I have previously lived and worked in France, Kyoto, Zürich, Delhi, and Johannesburg, but this time I am taking a break from work so as to be on the road for about a year. Although my legs will still have a full time position.

My route will take me to Cape Town or the southern tip of Africa, of which I had a surprisingly good taste last year. I don’t know exactly which places I will go through, and I welcome ideas and suggestions in the route plan page.

I usually find the hardest routes to bring the best rewards, or if not, long lasting memories and knowledge. Also, I don’t know much about Africa, so there’s probably a lot to discover and to realize.

Like I did while in Japan, I will try to maintain a blog and upload photos (Many thanks to Aurélien for the French version). Happy reading!