Video: cycling Congo, and some insects

This is the shortest and least representative video of all. The crossing of the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazza) represented only 700 KM, so I had only a few movie clips to edit. Plus, as Cyril says, we were probably spending more time looking for food than taking videos, and my P&S camera also stopped auto-focusing at that time. Broken gear kills the passion.

I didn’t want to integrate the Congo videos into the one of Gabon, and the coming one for Angola is too big already, so this Congolese video feels a bit second-class. It doesn’t mean the country was bad (apart from the culinary options, we both got overdosed with bâtons de manioc), as I found the people in the countryside quite friendly and open, as always in the countryside, and rather arrogant in Pointe-Noire, as often in large cities. The northern half of the country is more or less covered by the rain forest, while the southern half hosts the five largest cities. Since we had to eat more than enough of kassava and porcupine in the central-southern region, I wonder what would the diet be in the north!

This short video shot in January 2014 features the dirt roads of the Lékoumou region between Gabon and Dolisie via Sibiti, the gorges of Diosso, the traffic in Pointe-Noire, my hair freshly conditioned after one of these rare hot showers, the bâton de manioc, and other Congolese delicacies such as the larves du charançon (nsombé) …

More details and stories about pygmy criminals, Asian logging trucks and gorgeous gorges here, and more photos there. The HD version only works on the vimeo website.

Places traveled:
Simonbondo, Bambama, Lefoutou, Makaga, Sibiti, Dolisie, Pointe-Noire, Diosso, Pointe-Indienne, Djeno