A video tour of Gabon

My favorite countries have been ones in which I could cycle from stunning mountains to never-ending deserts.  It sounds like Morocco and Namibia. I liked Angola a lot too. But if I have to pick a rainforest favorite, it would be Gabon. It has been the most intense “bush experience”.

Cycling 1000 KM in Gabon with Cyril in December 2013 took me through the region of the Woleu-Ntem, the route économique that crosses the Lopé national park, the forest of the bees, and I witnessed plenty of animal sounds, plenty of dust, plenty of bush meat, and plenty of Chinese building the roads.

More details and stories here and more photos there. The HD version only works on the vimeo website.

Places traveled:
Bitam, Awoua, Oyem, Mimbeng, Mitzic, Lalara, Mevang, Alembé, Junkville, Ayem, Lopé, Carrefour-Leroy, Lastoursville, Moanda, Franceville, Boumango