Cycling West Africa, first video

The videos are back!

I had lots of time to be efficient on the cargo vessel that took me back from Cape Town to Rotterdam in three weeks. Without internet and cellular network, I had nothing to do but watching the sea and working on my laptop, so I am now back in Europe with most of my videos compiled.

The downside is that I have not been consistent with filming while cycling in some countries. I have almost no videos from certain countries, bad ones from others, so it has been harder to make an entertaining movie out of it. For example, out of 1500 KM cycled in Senegal, I have only 23 takes, while I have three times more for the 700 KM cycled in Sierra Leone. It depended on my mood, on the weather, and on the fact I didn’t consider my country movies as a “deliverable”.  That is why I combined some countries together, so here come Senegal, The Gambia, and the two Guineas together.

This movie, of 2800 kilometers cycled in the four countries over 3 months, features the Touba Mosque, the city of Saint-Louis, the Lompoul “desert”, a border-post between Gambia and Casamance that doesn’t really exist, the market in Bissau, and the dirt and tough roads of the Fouta Djalon (for not much longer, since the Koundara-Labé road is being paved by the Chinese).

The videos are compiled in HD 1280 x 720, so they will play fine full screen.

Places traveled:
Senegal (Saint-Louis, Djoudj, Louga, Touba, Lompoul, Mboro, Dakar, Toubab Dialaw, Foundiougne, Kaolack, Abéné, Ziguinchor) – The Gambia (Amdalai, Juffureh, Serekunda) – Guinea-Bissau (Bula, Bissau, Bafata, Gabu) – Guinea (Koundara, Labé, Pita, Mamou, Farmoriah).