22000 KM !

I am reaching 22000 KM just as I exit Angola after close to 3000 kilometers in the country. I think I took all the worst roads I could there. Angola was very beautiful, I’d say it has the most stunning landscapes I have seen since Morocco. I am now at Ruacana falls, right at the border, and I am not stamped into Namibia yet.

With all the rain of the previous days, I am surprised the falls are completely dry. It should be looking like a small version of the Victoria falls.

It’s Saturday, Namibians are drinking here with their Toyota pick ups and nice clothes. The roads will have tar, the cities will have electricity and hopefully the restaurants will have real meat. Maybe it’s for me the end of “real Africa”… Though I’m sure I will still end up on dirt roads with more hard time to come. Namibia is also huge country to cross, but so close to South Africa in many ways.

Ruacana falls (dry)