18000 KM !

Right in the middle of the jungle of Gabon, the counter is now at 18000 kilometers.

Where we left this morning, a village of 2 inhabitants, the previous village with a shop or some food was Lope, 64 km before, the next one 57 km further. We didn’t reach it yet and it’s impossible to stop more than 2 minutes without being surrounded by flies and bees. There are always 20 of them on my skin trying to suck the sweat. It’s very scenic though, the vegetation is really dense, the birds break the silence, and the red bumpy piste doesn’t let many passer-by disturb us. We saw only a dozen of cars in 4 hours and a camp of Chinese workers. And this main road is called RN1, national road #1 …

Carrefour Leroy - Mikouyi road construction