Very last days

No more job, no more flat. I returned them to their respective owners on the 31st October. It did feel strange. But I have enough other things to worry about. I had to collect my laptop and tent from their respective repair workshops. The former didn’t come back and will never do, so I had to quickly buy another one and wait for a refund of the first one. The keyboard is in French and it seems hard to re-adapt. And the layout is quite cumbersome for typing English. I’ll get key-stickers to stick over the punctuation signs.

I got the tent back today, 2 days before my planned departure. I was thinking of leaving on Sunday, and unless the small forecasted rain turn into a storm, I will leave this Sunday 04 November, to Lucerne.


Testing the bike-packing


On the weather side, the mild temperatures of Autumn are abruptly gone. We had snow storms last weekend. It was much colder this week, with temperatures below 0 in the morning and in the evening. It is going better and seems to be around 10 °C during the days now.

Snow at 400 meters


I hope those little unexpected events will count towards my quota of bad luck for the trip.