Stuck in Les Cases

Day 004. Today was amazingly beautiful. Up to now, going through the bernese Alps was OK but far from being terrific. For the first time today, the weather is nice, the sky blue, my clothes dry, and I went through an utterly scenic route, in the middle of snowy peaks, starting in Zweisimmen, then Gstaad, Chateau d’Oex … until the narrow paved road (hum, it must have been paved half a century ago) that took me here, to Les Cases.

It’s the end of a valley, with Montreux just on the other side, and with some inhabitants somewhere (else). I wanted to reach Lausanne tonight, but first had cross a last pass, the Col de Jaman. My legs were already tired from doing the yoyo in the mountains, I had only 1:30hrs of daylight, and the icy road up prevented me to do even a hundred meters. So I’m staying here at 1000m, and will try again tomorrow. Hopefully the snow on the path will not force me to U-turn (meaning going down the valley to Bulle).

It was 0 Celsius outside at 7pm and I found a nice little spot to camp by a torrent. Well, on the positive side, it gave me the opportunity to try out my tent and stove (not used till now), the post-by-email plugin, my survival strategy when it’s too cold, and to see a magnificent clear sky, full of stars and outlined by the Milky Way and the shadow of pine trees.

View from my forced camp spot in Les Cases
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